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all likenesses of infinite belong to their respective persons and woollim entertainment. i am but a simple noona fan who enjoys drawing.
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오늘은 정말 기쁜날이예요!!!!!!여러분들도 좋으시죠?? 아글구 오늘은 우현이형 심는 날이예요!! 기쁜마음으로 우현이형을 심어봐요!! 무럭무럭 자라게!!!!!!!!!!

Today is really a happy day!!!!!! Everyone is having a nice day too, right?? Ah also today is the day we’re planting Woohyunnie (T/N: Woohyun’s nickname is ‘Namu’ which means ‘tree’ in Korean) hyung!! Plant Woohyunnie hyung happily!! So he can grow quickly!!!!!!!!!!

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남자가 사랑할때~

…could’ve gone better.


I make him delete most of them.


Hi everyone! Uh, just a quick (and shameless) post saying that I’ve finished my entry for the Infinite Character contest and have posted it to G+. ^^ You can get to the entry by following this link. I hope you guys like it and I would be forever thankful for any support you give me. m(_ _)m

And now back to your (not so) regularly scheduled replies~!


Happy Valentine’s Day~ (づ。¯∇¯。)づ


She calls it “artistic license”.

For those planning on entering the INFINITE Character contest…


I’ve noticed that already there are people who have posted and tagged artwork that is not theirs from pixiv and weibo in the contest tag on G+ and as an artist this is incredibly angering to see.

Do NOT submit artwork that is not your own just so you can enter the contest.

It’s unfair to the artists that have worked hard on their art to have someone else claim it as their own, and if Woollim ends up picking an entry that is stolen art as a winner it destroys all credibility this contest has. A similar thing happened with 2NE1 in a fanart contest they held in which the winning artwork was a stolen piece that had the original artist’s name cropped out. I am hoping this fandom will not let something like this happen again, especially given that the prizes for this contest are of very high value.

This is a rare chance for fans, especially international ones, to have something they poured time and effort into be seen by INFINITE themselves. Just because someone feels like they don’t have the artistic talent they think they need to win, does not give them the right to steal someone else’s hard work to better their chances.

Please don’t be that fandom.